Sunday, December 26, 2010

Super Dungeon Explore

In case you haven't seen or heard about this game, head over to and check it out. While you're there, download the FREE demo rules and try it out yourself! I first saw this game back in the spring from photos of Gencon. I have always loved tactical RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics, La Pucelle Tactics, and more recently the Disgaea series.

Anyway, here is a few work in progress shots of my dungeon. The layout will be based off the the layout in the demo rules PDF with the addition of the door openings and a set of stairs. These will let me add on the board in the future. Hopefully there will be enough interest from the gaming community that Soda Pop will make these models available to purchase in local gaming shops instead of only through their website.

I've made my dungeon from 1/2 inch pink insulation foam. I cut a 1" grid into board using an Xacto knife. The texture on the sides of the "blocks" was made with drywall mud and the door openings were fleshed out with card board to make it look like smaller rocks.




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