Monday, December 27, 2010

Ultrawing Scout Squad and Venerable Dread

This morning I managed to finish building my 2 Sniper Scout squads. Now that I have these guys I can start to use my Ultrawing with Codex: Space marines as well as Codex: dark Angels.

Both squads are fairly straight forward, with very little in the way of conversions. The most obvious are the two powerfists on the squad sargents. Why the powerfists? Because it looks cool and to keep them from getting dragged down by a monstrous creature. One of the power fists came from the old Space Marine upgrade sprue and the other from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue. I also used a few Space Wolf heads as well as a hooded head from the same Dark Angels sprue.



And last but not least is my Venerable Black Reach dreadnought with converted twin linked lascannon. Next time I'll go through how I made this guy.


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