Saturday, January 22, 2011

1800pt Tourney Results

Well I didn't place in the top three, but I didn't come in last either! I came in next to last!! Actually the last time I played in a tournament I scored negative battle points with my Ultrawing. That's right, negative. I could have done better by staying at home!! This time around I scored 18 battle points (first was around 50?).

First round I got face of against a great guy at the shop who was running an Iron Hands army fulll of the beautiful Heresy era Forgeworld models. You check out a few of them here at his blog. The mission was to get as many units in table quarters other than your own. Having only eight units in my entire army, this mission was not in my favor! Regardless, the game was great and very well fought. In the end though, he did a much better job of grabbing those table quarters than I did. I should have been a little more aggressive towards the end with my terminators and ran them into the other table quarters. By the time every thing was totaled up, it was a massacre. Oh well, it was a great game either way. I really need to get in more games with this guy!

Round two I had to face off against a marine gun-line backed up by a crusader with null zone librarian and 7 TH / SS terminators. Mission was five objectives, but the deployment zone was half of the table long ways. Another twist to this mission was that troops units that were completely killed could come back on from there table edge. In the end, I got three of the five objectives and managed to score a minor win. Should have been another massacre, but the guy didn't use his heavy hitters at all!

In the final round I got to face off against my usual weekly opponent ans his Space Wolf army. I know his army well, and even helped him finalize his list. This mission was kill points, but with modified points values depending on the units. The first 5 turns saw very little in the way of movement until his 3 thunderwolves with storm shields and a power fist hit my lines. These three guys destroyed a Land Raider, a terminator squad, and finally a venerable dreadnought! When you combine the loss of those three units with my inability to not take out any of his units except a rhino, there was no way I could this one. In the end it was another massacre!

Out of all three games the longest game I had was little over an hour and it went the full 7 turns! The turn out was a little smaller than I expected with only ten people showing up. Hopefully the rest of the touranments this year will be as fun as this one. And, at least I didn't score negative points this time!

In the end though it would be a Dark Eldar vs. Dark Eldar match to decide who took first place. After all the dice were rolled, it was the veteran Dark Eldar taking the win with his 3rd edition figures. Hopefully he'll use some of that store credit to get some new figures, and not more Flames of War stuff!

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