Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Space Wolves painting update

With the help of snow day yesterday, I finally managed to get the basecoat of Space Wolves Grey on all of infantry, thunderwolves, and terminators. As soon as I get a moment i'll get my photo box set up and try to snap a few decent photos. I'll toss them in this post just to keep everything together. I'm not too happy with the way these guys are turning out. I had originally planned to airbrush all the armour, but ran into problems. First one was a can of primer that didn't co-operate and left my models fuzzy. After getting most of that cleaned up, the custom color I had mixed up to match that Space Wolves blue decided turn a pale grey after drying overnight in the garage. Funny thing is, the backside of the garage door has nice baby blue strip across it from the airbrush's overspray. Guess I should have primed everything white instead of black. I'm tempted to just finish these guys off pretty quick and unload them on ebay. We'll see..

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