Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Update: Space Wolves, Getting closer to being finished

Sorry for a recent lack of updates. Real life has kept me busy lately, and any free time I have had I have been trying to get my Space Wolves finished and keep my wife happy!

My Space Wolves are 98% finished, and I am applying the shoulder decals and finishing the paintjobs on my rune priest and vehicles. I know I have mentioned it before, but I am keeping the painting very, very simple on this army.

When I first started building this army, I had great plans to make this a show case army. One thing led to another, and I had to start cutting corners here and there. Nothing major, just little things that I could live without like Forgeworld resin parts and custom bases. I pushed on through the assembly phase and got everything ready to paint. Half way through priming my models, I noticed that the primer was leaving a dusty coating on my models. I stopped spraying and grabbed and old battery powered toothbrush and started getting the dusty coating off. This worked fairly well on most of the models. I went and got some new primer and over the course of the weekend got everything sprayed.
The next weekend I had managed to mix up a perfect color of Space Wolves blue. It wasn't too grey and it wasn't too blue. I went out to the garage, fired up my compressor and started spraying my base color. By the end of the evening I had everything sprayed, including my hands and a nice line across the garage door! Happy and excited over my progress, I went to bed so I could start painting on Sunday.
I awoke the next morning and after eating breakfast and drinking my coffee,I went to the garage to gather my army. Only my army was not the way I left it. Overnight, the models had dried to a much lighter shade of grey. It was almost white. At this point I decided to just reprime them and start over by hand. So now, my once showcase army is covered in three layers of paint and I am already not looking forward to painting them!
Flash forward to now, and I am still not looking forward to painting them or even doing the decals. The only motivation for me to keep working on them is the fact that I want to be able to play with a painted army. As soon as I get these guys finished enough to look o.k., I can start stripping my Ultrawing and building my Freebooters Ork army. Not to mention a whole new army book being released for my Night Goblin "The Waagghh Before Christmas Army".
Sorry for the long post, and I don't blame you if you fell victim to TLDR syndrome!! I hope to be back tomorrow with some updated and maybe even finished Space Wolves army photos.


  1. I have linked you good sir in the Bols spirit of today, however I fail to see a way to contact or email you..lol.

  2. Thanks for the link! Also, I have added my contact email to my profile. I didn't realize that it was unchecked!