Saturday, May 14, 2011

Howling Griffons, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves?

Yesterday evening I finally got around to breaking down my Ultrawing army and getting them into their Simple Green bath. All of the arms have been separated from the bodies and the figures where removed from their bases. I separated the arms so I can start using magnets, something I should have done years ago.

Takin' a bath!

Originally I was going to turn this army into Howling Griffons, and some of them may eventually end up as them. The majority of them however, are being split up into two armies, my Space Wolves and Dark Angels. That's right, Dark Angels. I have enough pieces and parts sitting around to make a decent themed Dark Angels army list. Most of these pieces are coming from the scouts and tactical marines I built a few months back from the AoBR box set. I need to swap out the sergeants sniper rifles for bolt pistols to make them a legal unit, but other than that all of these guys are ready to be primed and painted. I also have the Limited Dark Angel Chapter Master that I can use as well. It's probably my favorite Dark Angel model that GW has done. Not to mention that I have the Forgeworld Dark Angel dreadnought as well. All I need to buy for now is a razorback and some Army Painter spray paints.

Dark Angels, the forgotten Space Marine Army

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