Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Update: Freebooterz Nobz, WTF!!?!!

I totally screwed up these guys the first time, and before I can go on to another unit I have to fix them. Why do I have to fix them, you ask? Two reasons. One, I told myself at the beginning of this project I wanted to do an army to the best of my abilities instead of rushing through it so I could get to my next great army idea. Two, personal pride. Maybe that shouldn't be a second reason and more of an addition to reason number one. Either way, this squad is getting redone, starting tonight.

I've got a list of paints to pick up from my FLGS after work this evening. My plan is to go home, prime those Nobz black again, and while they're drying double check my pile of paints and then head to the shop to pick up the ones I don't have.

I'm keeping these guys Bad Moonz Nobz and come hell or high water I'm getting that yellow color to look right. I've also decided to not worry about making each squad from a different ork clan. This army is full of Freebooterz, but they are all going to be united under Big Mek Badruk. All of the pants are going to have the pirate stripes in red and white, along with red shirts / vests. If it's good enough for the tekky 'umies to use, then red must be good enough for 'da boyz too. To make these guys out as Bad Moonz though, I've decided to use the yellow as more of spot color throughout the squad. Hopefully this will avoid the "primary colors" effect , as one member of my FLGS forums pointed out. I tried too hard the first time to make them look as if they were pulled from different Ork clans, and in the end it didn't look right.

Oh, well. It's kinda a let down to have to start over, but in the end it'll be worth it. I wanted to do this army as chance to make myself a better painter. Part of that is learning to know when you should stop, re-evaluate, and start over. I should have done that before I got this far. I have to say, I owe all of this to Deathklok, who's one of the members of our local club blog. He posted one of his orks over on our local stores forums, and it was like a smack to face how much I'd screwed these guys up. Thanks, Deathklok!

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