Sunday, May 15, 2011

Project Update: Freebooterz Nobz Finished

Here they are, the six Nobz for my Nobz squad. I didn't have time to build the 'Dok, or even order Mad Dok Grotsnik. After taking the photo's I've seen a few areas to go back and touch up, but other than that these guys are done. If anyone has ANY tips for painting yellow, I'm listening. As of now, I'm done with yellow. I've tried starting with white, Iyanden Darksun, brown, and even black. On the table is doesn't look as bad, but in all reality I'm not happy with these guys at all. The other colors just get lost to horrible mess that is yellow. Maybe I'm just being to much of a perfectionist. I'll see what I think about these guys after I get finished with my first of three 30 Ork Boyz squads.


  1. Yellow is tricky.

    My method is to base with the iyaden darksun, highlight with golden yellow, wash with gryphonne sepia and the highlight with golden and then sunburst yellow. (you could also wash with devlan instead of the sepia)

    The key is to work 2+ coats of sunburst yellow on the top. And then if you're feeling peckish you can highlight further with sunburst and white.

    This is a decent example, still needs a final highlight, but it yellow with good depth. The yellow in the link below was painted over black, fyi.

  2. Thanks Dylan! I've got a few different methods to try now. Hmm, that may make for a good post to show how many ways there are to paint yellow.

  3. There's a ton of ways.

    Another way I've been doing it on my Arbites, is a base of darksun, a highlight of sunburst, a wash of (OOP) orange wash and a final highlight of sunburst yellow.

    It's the perfect color for 2nd edition paint schemes... which I'm doing a lot of.

  4. There's a ton of ways.

    What I've been doing on my older models, like my arbites has been the following:

    iyaden darksun
    sunburst yellow
    orange wash (OOP)
    sunburst yellow

    It's perfect for classic paint schemes.