Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Update: Freebooterz

One model down, about 99 more to go. I have to admit that I doubt that I will ever do another large yellow model ever again. I had to repaint this guy after my original yellow was too light. I still have a few more details to go once I get some more chaos black paint. The base will be finished once I get all the models done so that I can keep the colors more consistant.

I only have two work in progress photos that came out well. Unfortunately neither show off the conversion work on the Deff Dred's new feet. I want to create a flying theme throughout the army. For this Dred I simply cut off the two swivel points that would hold the legs in place and re-attached them to the legs. The legs were then attached into the upper arm sockets with the original mounting holes facing out so that the arms would have a place to attach to. For the feet, I used an extra set of Typhoon Missile launchers from the space marine land speeder. I have several of these laying around, and I was able to use the exhaust vents on both sides to make air intakes. Then it was just a matter of simply gluing on the feet to the front and adding the shoulder guards to the edges.

The Imperial Guardsman has little more going on with him than it looks. I wanted to give the impression that he was running for his life, just seconds away from getting caught by the blades of the Deff Dred.While his legs are completely stock, I had to pin his torso so that it was leaning forward and fill in the gaps with greenstuff. Both of his arms were cut at the wrists and around the shoulders to get the positioning right. His head had to be glued a little forward and also trimmed at the back and around the top to make the helmet fit. Who knows if he will be lucky enough to use that grenade in his hands before the Dred gets a hold of him.

The bases for the entire army will be custom made trench bases. I know that I can buy these already made out of resin, but that is over $100 dollars that I can put towards a BattleFoam case for these guys. When I start building my first squad of boyz, I'll make a quick tutorial showing how easy it is to make these bases.

Enjoy the rest of the photos below and let me know what you think.

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