Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project Update: Freebooterz Deff Coptaz

I decided to go ahead and knock these guys out. I had a rough time getting all the flash off of them. Everything else in both of my Assault on Black Reach sets had very little flash. Anyway, once I got the basic bodies built I wanted to add the options for a buzz saw and convert a few to make them stand out as rokkit launchers.

This Copta actually has both of those conversions on the same model. I used one of the close combat arms from the Deff Dred kit to make the buzz saw. With just a little trimming, this thing fit perfectly and looks like it came with the model! I then cut off the two top rokkits and replaced them with a boyz slugga and a big shoota from the same Deff Dred kit.

And here is the other Deff Copta with the converted big shootas. I could have cut the barrels shorter but every Ork knows bigger is better!

This is my favorite one, da big bomb. This conversion was simple as well. I used one of the jet packs from the storm boyz I'm building and glued it on. Easy as that. I used the one with the tail fin so it looked like it belonged with the Copta.

And the last two Rokkit Coptaz. By converting the others, these two now stand out as the Rokkit guys. Sometimes straight off of the sprue is the way to go!

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