Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogger vs. Word Press Voting Over

Well, the votes are in, and both of them have been counted!

The two of you that voted both fully agree that I should stick with Blogger rather than switch over to Word Press!! In the end, I am sure that the two of you have made the best decision, and I will try my very best to live up to the promises I made during my lengthy and tiring campaign!

With that taken care of, I have a tournament to help run today at my FLGS. I'll try to update everyone on that through out the day if I don't have to fill in as an alternate!

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  1. (Didn't see this before, but the title caught my eye here: if you haven't already, you might consider IntenseDebate, which has worked out fairly well for us over at 3++. It allows for longer comments and better formatting than Blogger or WP do, if that's something you care about. Be warned that it does slow the page down slightly, however.)