Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warmachine Cygnar for Sale

Last summer I decided to give Warmachine one more try. It was probably the third time that I purchased the Cygnar Battle Group. After playing a few games, I had made up my mind that it really isn't the game for me. I've had these guys sitting upstairs in my game room ever since and I've decided to let them go so I can re-invest that money back into a Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Kingdom's army. Here's what I am selling:

The new resin / plastic Cygnar Battle Group. All models have been cleaned, mold lines removed, based, and primed black.

The Cygnar Token Set, matching Chessex Dice, the cards in plastic sleeves with a few extra empty ones, and  two dry erase markers - one black and one blue.

The soft cover Cygnar Battle Book and (not pictured) the soft cover Prime Mk II rulebook shown at the top of this post. There is even a ray of sunshine falling across the book!

The retail price on everything here is as follows. For comparison, I've also listed the discounted prices at the War Store as well in parenthesis.

Warmachine Rulebook Mk II - $29.99 ($24.99)
Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar Soft Cover - $34.99 ($28.99)
Forces of Warmachine: Plastic Cygnar Battle Group - $49.99 ($39.99)
Forces of Warmachine: Cygnar Mk II Token Set - $11.99 ($9.99)
Chessex Dice: Blue & White 16mm Set of 12 - $3.85 ($3.49)
Total - $130.81 ($107.45)

I'd like to get $100 (via PayPal) for everything, and that includes me shipping it to you! Right now, I'm only going to be selling to buyers in the United States. If this makes it over to Bartertown, then I'll open it up to everyone else, but regardless of location the buyer will pay all shipping costs. I've bought and sold a lot of stuff over on eBay (click the link for my feedback info.), but I'd rather not go through them for selling due to all of the fees involved. If you are interested, or if you care to make an offer, email me asmodai650 AT gmail DOT com with cygnar in the subject line. 

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