Thursday, February 3, 2011

More than just 40K

So far I have only posted up stuff related to 40K, as that is the main game I'm playing right now. I have a goblin army for Warhammer Fantasy that I really need to give some attention to, but the thought of painting around 200 Christmas themed night goblins is rough. Here is a few shots of what i have so far.

One of my Shamans:

The Battle Standard Bearer:

And Santa Claus in the Old World (you'll see more of this guy later):

Lately I been bitten by the card gaming bug. I was looking for something to keep in my car or 40K case in case no one else showed up at the LGS to play 40K. So far I've bought some World of Warcraft card sets and it looks like fun. I say looks like because I have yet to play a game! I did play a few games way back when the game first came out, but I'm not even going to count those. The bad thing is that I still need to pick up a starter deck or two to really get into this game. At least they are cheap! Now, I'm looking at getting into Warhammer: Invasion LCG. The more I research this game, the more I think I'll like it better than the World of Warcraft game. The biggest difference in the two is Warhammer has no limited or rare cards to try and find. Which means less to spend on what is supposed to be a side game. I'm going to to give both an honest try before I make any decisions though.

Back to 40K. I've got my wolf scouts and blood claws finished, I just need to base them and take some photos. I'm hoping this weekend to finish getting the base coats of brown on the rest of the infantry so I can start on the yellows. I'm still waiting on my copy of Imperial Armour 9 to come in so I can get started on my Howling Griffons. And, I've still got an Ork army waiting on me as well. Looks like it will be a busy year!

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