Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Grey Knights up for Advanced Order

I got the email this morning from GW saying that the long awaited Grey Knights are finally up for advanced order. In case you haven't seen the photos, here they are, straight from the email.

The Knight Titan

Grey Knight Terminators

Grey Knights in Power Armour

And from the GW Advanced orders page, Lord Kaldor Draigo

I'm not sure how much I like the models without helmets. I don't know, they kinda remind me of World War Two fighter pilots. The Knight Titan looks more like Ripley's suit from Aliens than a warmachine of Mars. I guess after seeing how great the Dark Eldar figures looked, I am a little disappointed in these guys. The photos on the GW advanced orders page make the models look a lot better. I am glad see them in plastic, and I'm sure that eventually I will start an army of these guys, but for now I'll just get the codex.

All Photos are from GW's website.

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