Saturday, May 28, 2011

Project Update: Freebooterz Nobz Finally Done

That's it. They're done. Other than the bases, I'm not touching these guys any more. You can keep improving your models, but at some point you have to call them finished. And that's where I'm at with these guys. I dropped all of the extra colors and decided to keep the blue accents since I'm running the most famous Death Skull ever in this army,  Mad Doc Grotsnik. I'm waiting for him to come in at our FLGS in his new Finecast version. Up next I'm going to start on my first boyz truck squad. Here's the final photos of the nobz, and an updated teaser pic of the Freebooterz pirate trukk.

I know it's a crappy photo, but hey, it's a teaser!


  1. Da Nobz look great mate.
    Look forward to that next project.

  2. Looking good.

    As an aside, Grotsnik isn't a deathskull... He's Ghazgkhull's personal Doc, which makes him a Goff.

  3. Hhmmmmm, I'll have to check the older codex's. In the current one, under Ghaz's description in the front it says that Mad Dok was a Deathskull when he operated on Ghaz. I don't see where it says he joined Ghaz, but he could have in earlier versions of the fluff.