Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Update: Freebooterz, Now with Nobz!

Sorry for not getting an update out sooner for this army, I've been busy with other projects like my Warmachine: Cygnar Battle Group. Over the last week I managed to get all my Nobz built, based, and primed. I've also made a temporary conversion for Mad Dok Grotsnik. I say temporary, because I'm not sure if I like him or not. If I still feel that way in a month, I'll just break down and buy the GW version. I'm really at a loss for words tonight, so, here are the photo's.

Mad Dok Grotsnik with his newly "borrowed" power klaw.

Mad Dok Grotsnik converted from the AoBR Warboss. Maybe I'll keep 'em.....

And here are the Nobz. I made these guys from a mix of AoBR nobz, the GW nobz boxset, some old Battletech parts, and plastic card. A friend of mine gave me a few of the pirate ork heads from Max Mini. I decided to use those heads on my three Nobz for my Boyz squads. I liked these heads so much that I placed an order for several more parts from Max Mini ranging from pirate ork heads to bionic arms.

I started painting the flesh by applying GW foundation Knarloc Green. Next was a wash of Thraka Green and after that dried overnight I applied a wash of the old GW red ink. I like the effect of the red ink, it seems to give the model more or a real flesh look than just using a green and brown wash. The Nobz squad will all have heavy armour and cybork bodies. Hopefully they'll stand out more after painting! There should be one more Nob photo, but some how I forgot to take it!

Nobz Squad - Choppa & TL Shoota

Nobz Squad - Choppa & Rokkit Kombi
Nobz Squad - Boss Pole, Choppa, & Rokkit Kombi

Nobz Squad - Power Klaw & Slugga

Nobz Squad - Power Klaw, Waagh Banner, Slugga
Boyz Squad - Power Klaw, Boss Pole, arm mounted Slugga

Boyz Squad - Power Klaw, Boss Pole, & Slugga

Boyz Squad - Power Klaw, Slugga
This guy joins Mad Dok with a 19 Ork Shoota squad.

 My goal is to get these guys done by the end of next week. I still need to build my painboy and grot orderly and get him based and primed. I should be able to get them done as long as I stay focused on them. I started building a few "transports" today, so I'm already jumping between the two. But hey, every pirate needs a ship, right?

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