Sunday, June 26, 2011

Space Wolves: SOLD!!!!!!

The Whole Army - Click for Larger Picture

EDIT 2: The Army sold within a few hours of being posted. Long story short, I got them sold to fund a new army, but got nailed be eBay fees to the tune of 17%. Avoid eBay for selling unless you have to!

EDIT: These guys are now on eBay. Didn't want to, but I'll probably sell them faster there.

I've been thinking about selling my Space Wolves for a while now. There are other armies that I want to build, and I have too much into my Space Wolves. While it's nice to have all the option to play large games, right now I'd rather have more armies to choose from. My painting has improved greatly since I did this army and I don't want to strip them down and start over. I also don't want to put them up on eBay because of all the fees. So, I'm offering them up here first before I hit up other sites like Batertown. I have 100% positive feedback from eBay under my name there, curtis650. I'd like to get $650 with FREE shipping in the main U.S. I will do international shipping, but the buyer will have to pay half. If you think $650 is too much, send me an offer by email and we'll see if we can work out a deal! Here is complete list of everything included. More pictures are after the page break, just click for the larger version. And of course you can search the blog for even more!

  • HQ Choices
    1 Wolf Lord on Thunder Wolf with Twin Wolf Claws (Also a storm shield on the side for Wolf Claw / SS option)
    1 Converted Logan Grimnar
    1 Converted Ragnar
    1 Converted Wolf Priest
    1 Converted Rune Priest
  • Elites
    1 Venerable Dreadnought (All arms separate and painted; torso also is removable from legs)
    4 Wolf Guard Terminators (1 Converted Arjac, 1 Wolf Claw & Assault Cannon, 1 Frost Blade & Storm Bolter, 1 Twin Wolf Claw)
    6 Wolf Guard in Power Armour (1 Direct Only Twin Wolf Claws, 1 Combi-Plasma & Power Fist, 2 Storm Bolter & Power Fist, 1 Frost Blade & Power Fist, 1 Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield)
    11 Scouts ( 8 Bolt Pistol & CCW, 1 Plasmagun, 1 Plasma Pistol & CCW, 1 Bolt Pistol & Power Weapon)
  • Troops
    49 Grey Hunters (4 Power Fist, 4 Power Weapon, 4 Wolf Standard, 6 Plasmagun, 2 Meltagun, 4 Mark of the Wulfen, 25 Bolter, Bolt Pistol, & CCW)
    14 Blood Claws (1 Power Fist, 1 Power Weapon, 1 Flamer, 1 Plasma Pistol, 10 Bolt Pistol & CCW, 2 are missing backpacks)
  • Fast Attack
    2 Converted Thunderwolves
    (1 Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield, 1 CCW & Storm Shield)
    2 Land Speeders (Heavy Bolter & Typhoon Launchers)
    2 Land Speeders (Heavy Bolter & Assault Cannon)
  • Heavy Support
    14 Long Fangs (2 sargeants,1 missing backpack, 2 Heavy Bolter, 2 Lascannon, 2 Plasma Cannon, 1 Multi Melta, 5 Missile Launcher)
  • Other
    3 Drop Pods (Doors open, interior drybrushed dark silver)
    3 Rhino Chassis (All with smoke launchers & Hunter Killer Missile, Custom Rhino hatches, Twin-Linked Lascannon Razorback Hatches, Storm Bolter and Plain Front Hatches)
    5 Objective Markers (Not Painted)
    Metal shoulder pads through out the army.

Dreadnought, Terminators, and Thunderwolves

HQ Choices and Wolf Guard

Long Fangs

Wolf Scouts

Land Speeders and Drop Pods

Rhino Chassis and Troops

Troops and Wulfen

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