Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cities of Death League at FLGS

Come one, come all! It is time for Grand Adventures Cities of Death League.

League starts Thursday June 30.
Game days are every Thursday and Saturday.
The league will run for five weeks ending on Thursday August 4.
Saturday August 6 there will be a Cities of Death Tournament open to anyone with the courage to fight. Details on the tournament later.

How's it work? You come in and play... No, really the league will be a $5 entry fee unless you need to pick up the Cities of Death book from Grand Adventures. If you order or purchase it the first week then the league is free! You can play up to three league games a week. These can be against anyone else playing in the league. You will earn points for wins/losses/draws. These will be posted each week in the store.

If you are not familiar with Cities of Death, check out this month's White Dwarf. It has an update that brings the Cities of Death in line with the latest version of the rule set. In Cities of Death your army will work vastly different than ever before... mechanized armies will find the job difficult. This is where the foot infantry shine. Games will take longer than usual do to heavy amounts of terrain. For this reason we are capping the points limit at 1750 points for league games. (Also an opportune time to break out that new army you've been squirreling away!)

Each week during your games, you may experience some special objectives and stratagems appearing in your game. These can have wonderful effects for your army or if you allow your opponent to capture them, ill effects. You'll have the opportunity for some of your units to write their own little piece of history!

So come on in to Grand Adventures and get in on some good old fashion, city destroying face smashing! Don't forget to pick up your copy of Cities of Death!

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