Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No More Necron Rumors!!!!!!

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I know over the course of this blog that I have posted up a few coming soon and rumor posts, but lately I have changed the way I think about these posts. While on vacation last week, I tried to catch up on my blog reading. I got out my phone, opened my Google Reader app, and saw that the number of unread blog posts went from 51 to well over double that number! At first I thought that I had a problem with the app not loading all the posts earlier in the week, but as I started going through them I noticed that most were the same thing: Necrons!

Now that GW has decided to limit or all together cancel the release of rumors to two weeks from the release date, a lot of folks are mad bout it. Well, mad, and maybe even a little disappointed that they can't droll over photos or talk / complain about the newest rules for the upcoming uber unit. I used to enjoy seeing the new models, but for me personally something has changed. I now find myself skipping over all of those rumor posts and deleting my emails from BeastsofWar in an effort to NOT know what is coming out. I'll admit that I haven't been able to completely avoid all the photos, and I've caught glimpses of the new figures. To me, it just spoils it all. I don't even want to look through the advanced copy of the Codex when it gets to my FLGS.

Yes, GW did in fact make a Santa Claus version of the White Dwarf!

It's like the way Christmas used to be when you were little. You knew something awesome was waiting for you, and part of you always wanted to know what Santa was going to leave for you under the tree. I've gotten that same feeling of anticipation now, but through GW. Personally I'm glad that stuff is being kept under wraps. To me it only builds more of that anticipation and excitement! I find myself wondering what the models will look like, how will the fluff be expanded, and what will happen to my existing models! With past releases, you knew what was coming, and there wasn't any real excitement in it all. It just finally the day you could go out and buy the stuff, like getting a gift card instead of a what you asked Santa for on Christmas morning.

I know that a lot of folks are not going to agree with me, and that's fine. In the end, we're all playing with little plastic army men, each of us eagerly waiting for the newest batch of toys to arrive!

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