Monday, December 19, 2011

A Tale of 6 Gamers Part 3- Baby Steps to 1750

A Tale of Gamers - Baby Steps to 1750 - 12/15/2011

I know going into these next two weeks it’s going to be difficult to add to your fully painted and based 1500 point army. During the next two weeks, we’re once again adding another 250 points worth of models to your list. Remember, you can also change the wargear and unit size to your existing “Core Army” as well. You will have until December 29th, 2011 to complete these additional 250 points to your 1500 point army. Take a moment to look at your army and be proud to have a fully finished 1500 army! Ok, that’s long get back to work!!

Baby Steps
  • Add an additional 250 points to your 1500 point army and email or give your updated army list to Danny.
  • The additional 250 points can be what ever you want, and all models need to be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
  • The models in your “Core Army” will not change through out the challenge, but you are allowed to change the unit size and wargear as long as the models are WYSIWYG.
  • Models can be in any condition for this challenge, but try to have at least one new or unfinished unit to work on.
  • To count towards your results, all models must have at minimum 3 colors on the figures and 1 color on the base.

  • 3 points for completing your additional 250 pts with at least 3 colors on all models
  • 3 points for completing your additional 250 pts with at least 1 color on the bases

Extra Challenge(s)
Drill, Baby, Drill! - 1 point
Want to add another nice, easy, little touch to your models that will make them look better? Take a few minutes to drill out those gun barrells. Remember to get mom or dad’s permission before using sharp tools! If anyone needs different sized drill bits let me know and I can get some for you.
Scoring Units! - 1 point
Last time I challenged you to expand to your lists a little by adding a unit from either the elites or fast attack section. This time I’m coming back to grunts, the infantry, the guys that do all of the work. Add a unit of troops to get this extra point!

Insane Challenge!
Part Three of “The Devil is in the Details” - 2 points

Hopefully by now your used to adding in all these little details as you go along. In the spirit of the holidays, celebrate the season by crushing your friends army! Get a game in with your 1500 point or 1750 point army against two different “Tale of 6 Gamers” opponents. Those that do will get 2 extra points for the holidays!

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