Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Tale of 6 Gamers Part 4 - Happy Holidays

A Tale of Gamers - Happy Holidays - 12/29/2011

With the Holidays here all of us will have a lot going on other than working on our armies. So for the next two weeks we won’t be adding anything new to our armies. Instead, use these two weeks to get everything finished in your 1750 point army. The points for these two weeks have also changed and there will be a few other changes coming as well.

Happy Holidays
  • Email or give your updated army list to Danny.This should be everything in your army listup to this point, including your “Core Army”. All models need to be WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get).
  • The models in your “Core Army” will not change through out the challenge, but you are allowed to change the unit size and wargear as long as the models are WYSIWYG.
  • Models can be in any condition for this challenge, but try to have at least at least three colors and the bases finished on everything by the next Challenge on January 12, 2012.
  • To count towards your results, all models must have at minimum 3 colors on the figures and 1 color on the base.

  • 5 points for completing your 1750 list with at least 3 colors on all models
  • 5 points for completing your 1750 list with at least 1 color on the bases

Extra Challenge(s)
Sit Back and Relax! - 0 points

This one is so easy, its almost not even worth mentioning! If you’ve gotten everything finished, then pat yourself on the back and take a break. If you still have stuff to do, then you better get to it!

The Change Up! - 0 points
Up to this point we’ve been working with the same “Core Army” and building off of it. Now that you’ve gotten in a few games you might be rethinking about how your plays or maybe something just isn’t working for you. Starting with the next Challenge on January 12, 2012 those restrictions are coming off, so use this time to get some new stuff built and primed, or maybe even painted.

Insane Challenge!
Part Four of “The Devil is in the Details” - The Over Achiever - 3 points

All of the previous “Insane Challenges” and led up this one. Get everything, and I do mean everything, finished from all three of the previous “Insane Challenges” and score an easy three points! In case you’re wondering, those games you got in last time count towards this goal. So, if you only got in one game last time, then you only got one more to go!

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