Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This Years New Army Projects

Christmas is usually the time of year that I start thinking about creating a new army. Last year it was Orks (which I'm almost finished painting!), and the year before that it was Space Wolves. Over the last year, with the money I got from selling my Space Wolves, I picked up enough models to do two different Dark Eldar armies. One of my goals for this year is to get both of those Dark Eldar armies built by the end of this summer.

In addition to the Dark Eldar, I also bought a couple of units of Space Marine stuff that I originally was going to add to my Dark Angels. The initial plan was to use my Dark Angels army with Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Dark Angels. Which brings us back to Christmas. I started thinking why not just go ahead and make an army from Codex: Space Marines. I had seriously thought about making a Pre-Heresy Raven Guard army based around the Istvaan massacre. I want to go all out, using only Forgeworld models and really do the army right. Then I thought about what I would do with the models I have now that I don't use. So, in the end I decided to do what any self respecting gamer would do. Build more than one new army this year!

My old Raven Guard army. An entire marine company built before the Apocalypse box set came out.

After Christmas I picked up a few items from my FLGS, Grand Adventures. I walked out with a Space Marine battle force, a rhino, another tactical squad, a devastator squad, a predator (already built & magnetized!), a Chaos battle force, and a pack of Chaos hounds. Sounds like a very odd mix of models, but those few pieces combined with the models I have sitting up in my game room are all I need to make two more new armies this year: Ultramarines for Codex: Space Marines and 13th Company Space Wolves for Codex: Space Wolves or Codex: Chaos Space Marines. If you're keeping track, that's four new armies to try and finish in one year: two Dark Eldar, one Space Marine, and one Space Wolves. Oh, and finish my Orks and Dark Angels!

My Ultramarine Army, without the predator and three drop pods.

Over the last week and a half I've managed to assemble everything for my 3250 point Ultramarines Army. I think by now I can build Space Marines in my sleep! In the next few days I'll get a post up with my army list for these guys and my 13th Company Space Wolves. I've also decided to give Army Painter one more try and picked up two cans of their Ultramarine Blue colour primer. I think last time I used it on my Dark Angels I was too far away from the models and they came out fuzzy. If everything goes well, I'll gladly pick up another can or two for my 13th Company of Space Wolves.

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