Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Vampire Counts Models

The new Vargheists models for Games Workshop's Vampire Counts model range.

By now everyone has seen the new Vampire Counts models from Games Workshop. Regardless of how people feel about GW, you have to admit that their models have always been some of the best around. The new plastic kits that have been coming out over the last year or so are the best model kits that I have ever seen. The attention to detail that goes into making these kits must be incredible. I would love to know how long it takes, from concept to final tooling, to get something like these Vargheists into our hands. The point to this blog post is not to brag about Games Workshop, but instead it is about the other possibilities that I see for these figures. And both are for Warhammer 40k.

The first thing that I thought was that I could use these models to make an awesome "counts-as" thunderwolf cavalry for my 13th Company Space Wolves. I would use the bodies and heads as they are, but use the arms from the Crypt Horrors. Add some green stuff to the faces to make them more feral looking and I think they would work. 
The new Crypt Horrors models for Games Workshop's Vampire Counts model range.  Either these or the Vargheists above can be made from the same set.

And then there are these guys. Since I am about to start building my Dark Eldar army, I have been looking for a suitable model to make my own Grotesque's. As I said above, I am a huge fan of GW's models, but since there is only one pose for the Grotesque model I don't want the whole squad to look the same. I have already purchased several of the Skaven Rat Ogres to use for my Grotesques so I wont be getting these guys. But the conversion possibilities are there. I would remove the bone weapons and some of the other bones in their skin. Then it is just a matter of blending in some of the extra heads and weapons from the Talos / Chronos kit. With a little creativity and kit-bashing, you can create an entire new army or just a unique squad using all Games Workshop parts.

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