Friday, February 17, 2012

Now Available for Commission Work

The only set of instructions you'll ever need!

Lately I have been working on a few Warhammer 40K side jobs assembling models for people at my FLGS. I started thinking, if there are folks locally who are interested in this then there must be a market for it. So, with that said I am throwing myself to the wolves and offering my services for assembly and possibly painting. I am currently working on price sheets, and I will post them up as soon as they are finished. If you are interested in having me build your models for you, contact me at the email at the bottom of this blog (asmodai650 at gmail dot com) with MODEL ASSEMBLY in the subject header.

For me, the building process is my favorite part of this hobby. I like to see how far I can stretch the pieces that come in a box and make each squad unique. If you decide to work with me on a project, I will work directly with you all the way through the project from concept to shipping. Communication is key when working on projects like this and I want you to be aware of any issues, costs, or awesome conversions that come up. All pricing will be done upfront so that you know exactly what everything will cost. That being said, sometimes issues will arise but that is where the constant communication comes into play!

My focus is on a quick turn around time with all models ready for paint. Conversions will be an extra charge, as will greenstuff work, and Forgeworld assembly. Normal pinning will not be extra, but extensive pinning will be. Models can be either shipped to me directly, or I can purchase them for you so all you have to do is open the box and start playing or painting! Speaking of painting, if you're interested in having me do that as well, let me know!

Hopefully I will get a chance to work with some of you on your projects! Although I mentioned Warhammer 40K specifically, I am not limited to just that. I am open for all types of projects, so just email me and I'll see what we can work out!

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  1. Hey man! Great Space Marine image. Where did you find that?