Saturday, March 17, 2012

"But I'm NOT dead!"

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In the last month I have been busy. We had our 5th Annual Battle for Stones River tournament, which went extremely well. Bossman was able to score a new venue this year and we had tons of extra room. We had so much room that next we may add a few more tables and bump up the number of participants from 70 to over 80! Guess that means more terrain and table making as well. We also added a Facebook page for our Istvaanians blog, so be sure to check that out as well.

I've also been busy as well. I've started building my 13th Company Space Wolves / Fallen Chaos Wolves armies, and got my Ultramarines ready for detail painting. I managed to get my hands on a box of the new Thunderwolves. While I'm not 100% sold on them, they are growing on me. Best thing about them so far is the fact that I didn't have to pay for them! My first official "client", Boltergeist, had me do some assembly and model prep work for him in exchange for the models. I've actually got some more stuff to do for him now, and should really be doing that instead of writing this post!

Hhhmmmm. Started this guy in 2008, guess I should finish him....

Our FLGS, Grand Adventures, is running a 9 week long Warhammer Fantasy Escalation campaign. We are starting at 1000 points and adding 250 each week. We are all starting with a General and Core unit that we cannot change through out the campaign unless we use our experience points that we gain with each battle. So for a little while my focus is going to be on getting my Night Goblins painted to a basic table top standard. All 200+ models! My 1000 point list has 135, so that will be huge chunk done if I can mange it this weekend. I got them all reprimed last night so that will knock out a huge chunk of the painting since they all have there tattered black robes. With the army being Winter / Christmas themed, I want to try my hand at adding snow to the bases. And even though I don't play Fantasy but a few times a year, I think I might buy a few more models for the army like the Mangler Squigs and Snotling Pump Wagon.

On a more personal note, I'm strongly considering going back to school to finish my associates degree. In doing so, my gaming and blogging time is going to have to be cut back. It's going to be tough, but in the end I know the hard work will pay off. And since I'm going back for web design, maybe I can turn this blog into something a little better!

I think that's enough for one post, but I'll back tonight or tomorrow with some in progress shots of my 1000 point Night Goblin list.

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