Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Posts are Coming, I Promise!

That photo about says it all. Lately it feels like my motivation for Warhammer 40K has gone. I have enjoyed the few games of 6th Edition that I have played, but for what ever reason I just don't have any desire to actively seek out a game. Maybe it's the commission work I've been doing (need to post up a few photos of that stuff before it gets sent off to the painter), or helping out with our local tournaments and the ATC (see the ATC photos here). What ever it is, I'm sure it will pass. At least I hope so. I have way too many unbuilt and unpainted figures sitting around!

With my 40K motivation lacking, I have found something else to focus on. Flames of War. If you notice, I updated the blog list this morning and included a few Flames of War blogs as well as a few for Super Dungeon Explore (still have to get going on that as well). I've looked at FoW off and on, but never bit the bullet because of time, money, and a lack of players. Last week when fellow blogger Bossman sent me an email about FoW, I started digging into the game and watching the Boot Camp videos on YouTube.

So far I have been very impressed by Battlefront and gladly dropped $60 on the new Version 3 rulebook. I've decided to play Allies, the U.S. in particular. I was thinking about starting with a tank army first, but now I am leaning toward a more balanced mechanized infantry with tank and air support. Bossman and I are hoping to get in a few demo games this weekend at the FLGS.... while we are running the Feasts of Blades qualifier event along with another blogger AirmanG.

Along with Boltergeists previous post, the Istvaanians are still here. Just like the Inquisition, you'll never know when or where we'll show our faces. But we always around, lurking, watching, and rolling a few dice.......

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  1. I also run a 40K blog and know exactly how you feel! We also know you'll get your inspiration back. Just take a few weeks break and it will be fine. Keep up the good work!