Sunday, September 30, 2012

Battle Force Challenge Update #2: Orks Finished

First things first. The new Ork Flyer is easily one of my all time favorite Games Workshop models to build and paint. Easy to build with a ton of different options, no Ork Flyer should ever look the same.

With that out of the way, I can get back to the point of this post. I have finished my 1000 point Ork Battle Force Challenge army. For those of you that are just joining us, I have decided to challenge myself to build a 1000 point army for every Warhammer 40K Codex using the contents of that armies battle force. For the Codexs without a battle force I will either use the next closest equivalent (Space Marine battle force for Dark Angels, etc.) or buy an approximate equivalent in miniatures.

I started with Orks because I already have around 5000 points of these guys, but not all of it is painted. I also wanted to get one of those new flyers. In the end I actually put two of them in my army list. The thoughts behind these army lists are not to make tournament win at all costs armies. Instead, I want to make lists that become the core of the army. With the Orks finished, I am going to start going through the rest of the Codexs in alphabetical order. The next army, Black Templars. I already have an army list ready, and yesterday I purchased the Space Marine battle force, a Black Templar upgrade kit, a Dreadnought, and I have an Emperors Champion figure on order. Well, enough talking about the armies, and on to the photos and the army list for the Orks.

1000 Points Orks Battle Force Challenge List Finished

HQ: Warboss (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Bad Moonz Warboss Yella Jaw, 85 pts ('Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Cybork Body; Big Choppa)

Troops: Nob Bikers (3#, 210 pts)
   1 Da' Evil Sunz Fastest, 210 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Cybork Body; Warbike)
      1 Painboy (Cybork Body; Warbike)
      1 Nobz (Warbike; Cybork Body; Big Choppa)
      1 Nobz (Warbike; Cybork Body; Power Klaw)

Troops: Boyz (13#, 167 pts)
   11 Evil Suns Shoota Boyz, 167 pts (Shootas; Rokkit Launcha x1)
      1 Boyz Nob ('Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Power Klaw)
      1 Trukk (Reinforced Ram)

Troops: Boyz (12#, 156 pts)
   10 Bad Moonz Shoota Boyz, 156 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x1)
      1 Boyz Nob ('Eavy Armour; Bosspole; Power Klaw)
      1 Trukk (Reinforced Ram)

Fast Attack: Dakkajet (1#, 130 pts)
   1 Da Blakk Gobbo, 130 pts (Fighta Ace; TL Supa Shoota)

Fast Attack: Burna-bommer (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Burna-bommer, 125 pts

Fast Attack: Deffkoptas (3#, 125 pts)
   3 Deffkoptas, 125 pts (TL Rokkit Launcha x2)

Total Roster Cost: 998

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